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I Empower You To Be The Best Version of Yourself After Adversity.

What Can I Help You To Achieve?

My Specific Life Purposes
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My Specific Life Purpose

To help you bounce back from adversity to live a life of freedom, fulfilment and purpose.

My Zone of Genius

Motivating you to create change in your life

My Higher Purpose Statement

I am a beacon of hope for people navigating the dark times of life’s journey, so they may find acceptance, peace and kindness.

My Mission

I just want you to tell your story of your future, not the story of your past.

Client Feedback

Hi, I’m James Peters.

In 2017, I experienced a life-changing tragedy when I lost both my father and son within a span of six months. The grief and depression hit me hard, and I was even falsely accused of a crime during that time. With the possibility of being sent to jail, my life felt like it was falling apart. Despite trying therapy and medication, nothing seemed to work for me. However, something happened that shifted my perspective and set me on a new trajectory. I found natural ways to heal and discovered the power of viewing my experiences and emotions from an outside perspective. This allowed me to cultivate self-compassion and truly live with love. As a certified transformational coach, I now teach my clients to disconnect from past versions of themselves that no longer serve them and work on changing the context of their lives.

I believe that life’s challenges are meant to help us grow, and I encourage others to take them on with courage, learn from them, and flourish. If you’re looking for guidance on your own journey, I invite you to book a 30-minute Discovery Call with me today. I was fortunate enough to be featured in several prominent magazines such as Forbes, Success, Wealth Insider, American Weekly, and Inc. in 2022. Don’t let excuses hold you back from chasing your dreams. Let’s work together to create a life you truly love.

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Growing up, I was terrified of speaking in front of people. The mere thought of it would send shivers down my spine, but doing stand up comedy unlocked my true potential.

Confronting Fear

The first few minutes were terrifying. My heart raced, my palms were sweaty, and my mind screamed at me to run offstage. But I persisted. The laughter from the crowd started to drown out my fears, and I found myself slowly loosening up.

Finding My Voice

As I continued to perform I discovered my comedic voice. It was a blend of personal anecdotes, observational humor, and witty commentary on life’s absurdities. It was liberating to express myself in a way I never thought possible.

Embracing Failure

Not every set was a success. I faced my fair share of awkward silences and failed punchlines. But instead of letting those moments discourage me, I learned to embrace failure as an essential part of growth. Each setback became a stepping stone to improvement.

Healing Through Laughter

The more I delved into comedy, the more I realized its therapeutic effects. Not only did it help me cope with my anxieties, but it also allowed me to connect with others who had similar struggles. Laughter truly became a source of healing for both myself and my audience.

Mastering Mind and Emotions

As my confidence grew, I noticed a significant shift in how I approached life. Comedy taught me to think on my feet, adapt to various situations, and regulate my emotions. I became more resilient, handling life’s curveballs with grace and humor.

Embracing Growth

Stand-up comedy not only transformed my fear of public speaking but also empowered me to master my mind and emotions

Four Actions to Conquer Rejection

1️⃣Tell yourself it is isolated.

2️⃣Tell yourself it is temporary.

3️⃣Tell yourself it doesn’t pertain to you, personally. In other words, they may be rejecting your idea or offer, but they aren’t rejecting YOU.

4️⃣Prove these truths by actively seeking more rejections. Give more people the chance to say no!

Did you find these insights useful?

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1. Callus the mind. Bought a 10kgs & 20kgs weighted vests in 2019 and started running half marathons to full marathons in them.

2. Took on extreme challenges. Completed numerous 250km ultra marathons, trekked Kilimanjaro twice in 6mths, 1 time getting to the peak in 23.5hrs, completed a 50hr navy seals hell week, and done 97 days of continuous Murph Challenges.

3. Self awareness. Being honest with myself, called myself out on negative thought patterns and disempowering behaviors.

4. Got support. Invested in coaches, mentors and sort guidance from some of the best people in the industry.


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I’m sure you’ve all experienced the weight of negativity, but have you truly discovered the liberating power of positivity?

When you’re constantly feeling negative, it’s like being trapped in a maze of negative thoughts and emotions.

You’ve probably tried to shake off those feelings, but it’s tough when your mind is wired to focus on the negative.

I’m here to help you rewire those neural pathways and break those negative habits. I focus on shifting your mindset from negative to positive, one step at a time.

Picture this: It happens all the time because people are accustomed to this way of thinking. One thought attracts another like thought with another like feeling, and another like thought with another like feeling.

It’s a habit pattern, so you always think about the negative scenario all the time. So you have this huge ball of negative energy that you walk around with.
It’s like when a person walks into a meeting, he has a cup of coffee. And as he places the coffee down, he says to himself, watch me spill it, and, he does.
By changing your thought patterns, you’ll start to feel lighter, happier, and more in control of your emotions.

Imagine waking up each day with a sense of optimism and joy, knowing that you have the power to shape your own happiness and not run off an automated pattern.

DM for personalized help.

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Struggling to find fulfillment in your success? 🤔

Learn how to break free from these 3 common mistakes holding you back!

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All successful business owners are goal-oriented.

Exercising, and mainly running, provides a clear framework for achieving goals, since they’re immediately actionable.

Say you set yourself the goal of running 5 miles tomorrow morning, you’ll get instant feedback of whether you’re a goal-wisher or a goal-crusher simply by completing what you set out to do.

Think about this for a second:

How pumped up would you be to smash your financial or life goals for the day, when you’re able to smash your fitness is on point every single morning?

Pretty pumped if you ask me.

When you make it fun and actionable,

You’re almost asking to breeze through your goals with ease.

The rhythmic, solitary nature of running will provide you with the answers you seek.

Go out there and give your legs are hard time, your brain will thank you for it.

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Unlock your potential and silence your inner critic! 🗣️

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back in your business journey.

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Welcome 6 seconds breathing….game changing technique, smiling! 😁

Using your nose, you breathe in and out in a circular breathing pattern while smiling, not gritting your teeth, not thinking about your low bank balance, not thinking about your ex partner or business challenges.

In 2 minutes you will drop cortisol from your bloodstream. If you smile it’ll shift your biochemistry, it’s a force hack. 6 seconds IN, 6 seconds OUT, 12 seconds x 10 = 120 seconds.

Brainwaves will be forced out of high beta to reset. You can switch the nervous system out of fight or flight, anxiety mode called the sympathetic nervous system is activated and switch it over to the parasympathetic nervous system response.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, your body restores, the cells have time to restore and replenish, your organs replenish, your brain shifts out of a common beta brainwaves and come down into alpha, more towards the brainwaves you have whilst sleeping.


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1️⃣ Not taking life for granted: Sounds obvious,

But it’s why I put it first.

The justice system will take everything,

And there’s nothing you can do against it.

You don’t own anything,

Because the bailiff will come and take it.

You can’t say anything, because the judge will deem you a criminal.

If they see you as guilty, that’s the verdict.

Through this I’ve gained a profound appreciation for the smaller things in life that others take for granted,

Like the way the dramp grass smells on a morning run through London.

2️⃣ Personal Sovereignty: External freedom can be taken away in the blink of an eye,

But internal freedom-the freedom to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance-remains theirs.

After being confined, I started chasing more intrinsic metrics of success,

Such as integrity, strength of character and empathy,

Rather than material wealth or career advancement.

3️⃣ Mindful Journaling: It’s one of the best ways I found to navigate and process anger, despair, and hope,

Rather than letting them boil up in my subconscious and then spewing them out on the people I care for most.

The act of writing helps to slow down thoughts and provide a means for emotional release in a controlled way.

Journaling is an effective tool for healing and personal growth,

And it doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive for it to work.

Simple practices accessible to anyone is often what can help most profoundly.

Hit that follow button for more insights like this.

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How I`ve Helped Males Succeed In The Last two Years

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Here’s how overcoming binge eating can fuel business growth 📈

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Our mind and body are 24/7 adaptation machines..

DM for personalized tips!

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If you`re a Business Owner or Leader struggling with a disempowering mindset.

How do you cope when life doesn`t fit your pictures?

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Calling all business owners:

Have you ever thought about using math to heal unresolved trauma?

I know that sounds wild, but here’s the deal:

In the worst 365 days of my life,

I lost two family members and faced a false accusation.

I was stuck watching life from the sidelines,

Lost in what-ifs and might-have-beens.

Spending a fortune on traditional therapies were temporary fixes,

And the doctor’s pills and Thailand getaways sure didn’t close the hole in my heart either.

That’s when I figured out that this simple math equation when solved,

Broke down what I was feeling inside into easy and actionable steps to heal,

And was the answer to overcoming my past hurts, turning them into triumph.

So here goes : Trauma + Opportunity Cost - Direction = Sabotage.

Put simply,

Unresolved baggage, plus the cost of what you miss while binge-watching life pass by,

Minus any clear guidance from someone who’s been through your struggles,

Results in sabotaging yourself over and over again.

I’ll show you how to subtract the pain, add clarity, and multiply opportunities,

So you can excel in both your personal and professional life.

Join my FREE unleashed webinar, to use this formula to your advantage,

And reclaim your power as a business owner.

If you’re ready for change,

Click "learn more" to get started.⬇

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As a business owner, there`s something crucial that`s often overlooked in our journey.

The weight of unprocessed trauma.

If this resonates with you, you know the feeling of past experiences casting doubt on every decision...

...and pulling at your focus like a relentless force, draining your energy.

It`s a burden that never takes a day off, sapping the will from your passions and clouding your vision for the future.

I`ve walked this path myself. Seven years ago, I faced the most traumatic time of my life.

Loss, false accusations... it was a journey of survival, but I wanted more.

I craved a version of myself that faced these experiences not with dread, but with a calm, strategic mindset.

And I found a way. As a coach for business owners and leaders, I help you uncover your purpose, your legacy...

...and then we program the mind. Because nothing is more powerful than a made-up mind.

I don`t believe in boot camps or yelling. We find balance together, addressing your unique needs and values.

It`s about creating a holistic lifestyle that supports your journey, raising your frequency and vibration... you can be your authentic, high-vibe self.

DM or comment "authentic" and I`ll get in touch.

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