However, if you want you can also differentiate between the two processes. Once the developers complete their local commits and are ready to publish, they push their commits to their respective public repositories. After that, they send a pull request to the central repository. This notifies the project maintainer to integrate the update with the central repository. This type of DevOps interview question warrants a detailed answer. Below are some advantages of Forking workflow over other Git workflows.

Why you choose DevOps?

DevOps is important because it's a software development and operations approach that enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

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Name some network monitoring tools?

VMfres is one of the most effective options for making IaaS cloud from Virtual Box VMs in no time. However, if you want lightweight PaaS, then Dokku is a good option because bash script can be PaaS out of Dokku containers.

For your easy understanding, I have divided this article into 5 sections. The first section focuses on general DevOps Interview Questions. These questions how to become a devops engineer are fairly straightforward and easy and most likely you know answer of all them but they very important to revise essential DevOps concepts.

Q4. Explain how you can move or copy Jenkins from one server to another?

Plugin then performs the check and returns the result to Nagios. The results received from Plugins are processed and the necessary actions are taken.

They are a streamlined way to create, test, deploy, and redeploy applications in multiple environments. When the code reaches pre-production, the professional QA team uses these tests by making some changes to the test specifications. To create a backup of your Jenkins setup, just copy this directory. Periodically backup your JENKINS_HOME directory, which contains job configurations, slave node configurations, and all your build history. This interview question allows you to understand how your candidate views themself and how other people they’ve worked with in the past view them too. You can also ask follow-up questions to dig deeper and get more insight into who they are as a person. There are many popular tools and applications that a DevOps Engineer uses regularly.

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