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Love culture, history and all sorts of circumstances antique? Secretly prefer drink to all the three? Gordon’s Wine club – which merely is literally the earliest in London – could well be the retreat during the proverbial desert you’ve been searching for.

Fortunately, when you enjoy a cup… or two… or three of favorite wines, you’re going to be transported back in time to an extremely more Dickensian age. With wall space that includes magazine cuttings along with other these types of memorabilia, you have got outstanding reason to refer to it as an ‘educational day trip’ rather than just a justification in order to get somewhat tipsy!

eHarmony pair Michael and Emma told us all about it leading date place : “a popular location is actually Gordons’ drink bar because those who have perhaps not been needs to visit at least once, and anyone who has loves it – unless they only drink whisky.”

Whilst it could not be 1st destination you might think of for people who simply don’t like wine (clue’s inside the name!), you should not compose it well as of this time. As if the tasty variety of wines were not sufficient, Gordon’s also bring an entire menu and, from inside the heart of class, you may also wash everything straight down with a wide array of mozzarella cheese.

Given that Gordon’s drink Bar is the best combination of elegance and knowledge, you’re probably persuaded it would be the perfect area for a night out together, and that’s good, because we think so also! To find out more, drop by Gordon’s web site or call 0207 930 1408

47 Villiers Street


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