Hi, I’m James Peters.

 I am a resilient and disciplined Transformational Mindset Coach who ignites the potential in others who are suffering with disempowering emotions.

I empower you to move onto your future after adversity.
When Overcoming adversity you create a new way of being through change and transformation that breaks generational habits & misbehaviours of the past. Thus creating a more spiritually awakened, joyful environment which nurtures more confident, empathetic and passion-filled future generations.

I just want you to tell your story of your future, not the story of your past.

After losing my Dad then Son within a 6 month period in 2017. I faced huge personal challenges, depression, anxiety, suicide, I was in a dark place, many times wanting to end the pain and suffering, pain killers and sleeping pills within easy reach, it could have been very different.

What Can I Help You To Achieve?

My Specific Life Purposes
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My Specific Life Purpose

To help people bounce back from adversity to live a life of freedom, fulfilment and purpose.

My Zone of Genius

Motivating people to create change in their lives

My Higher Purpose Statement

I am a beacon of hope for people navigating the dark times of life’s journey, so they may find acceptance, peace and kindness.

My Mission

Empowering others to shape a new path in their lives after trauma.